PLEATED SILVERBATTS™ is a double sided refelctive foil wall insulation. PLEATED SILVERBATTS™ with accordion pleats, can be expanded between studs, joist or other framing members.


  • Most cost effective wall insulation
  • Easy to install
  • High system “R” values
  • Moisture resistant
  • Non allergenic / Ideal for asthma sufferers
  • No Synthetic Mineral Fibres (SMF)
  • Extremely compact – can fit a house load in a car boot


PLEATED SILVERBATTS™ are easily installed between steel or timber noggings. 30mm-40mm reflective airspaces provide superior thermal performance in typical walls:

  • Brick Veneer
  • Reverse Brick Veneer
  • L.C. / Weatherboard Direct to Stud
  • L.C. / Weatherboard Fixed to Battens

Fire Performance

The Building Code of Australia calls for fire performance to be tested under Australian Standard AS 1530.3-1993, Methods for Fire Tests on Building Materials, Components and Structures. When tested under this standard by the Building Research Association of New Zealand, SILVERBATTS™  returned a four-zero rating, the best possible.