Trade Select™ THERMALBRANE 6.5™ is a reflective membrane made with high density XPE foam. Trade Select™ THERMALBRANE 6.5™ is an excellent barrier to radiant heat, enhancing the energy performance and thermal comfort of a building, and protects against water and air infiltration.

Why Trade Select™ ThermalBrane 6.5™ ?

  • Three-in-one reflective insulation, thermal break & vapour barrier
  • Multi-purpose: can be used on roofs, walls and floors
  • Compression resistant
  • Fibre-free and non-allergenic
  • Material R-value R0.16
  • Suitable for bushfire prone areas


  • Tile roof sarking
  • Metal roof sarking
  • Premium wall wrap
  • Framed sub-floor insulation
  • Steel framed construction

Bushfire Attack Levels

For use in roof systems BAL– LOW to BAL – 40 and wall systems BAL – LOW to BAL – FZ to comply with AS 3959—2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

NCC/BCA Compliant

Trade Select™ THERMALBRANE 6.5™complies with AS/NZS 4200.1:1994 and AS/NZS 4859.1:2002 and therefore satisfies all general requirements of the National Construction Code and Building Code of Australia.

Trade Select™ THERMALBRANE 6.5™  does NOT achieve R0.2 material R-value, as required by the NCC/BCA when a metal framing member directly connects the exterior cladding to the internal lining, or when no ceiling is installed, in a residence or in a conditioned non-residential building.

In many other situations, such as steel-framed industrial buildings,Trade Select™ THERMALBRANE 6.5™ will provide a sufficient thermal break to prevent condensation.

Product Size

30m2 1350mm x 22.25m (plus 150mm overlap flap) roll

How To Specify

When specifying, state the following:

The insulation to be installed shall be Trade Select™ ThermalBrane 6.5™ double sided reflective, fibre-free thermo-reflective insulation, comprised of cross-linked, closed-cell core XPE foam with anti-glare foil facing on one side and plain foil facing on the other side, thermal resistance R0.16 and 150 mm overlap piece included. Product is manufactured by Ametalin and shall be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.2: 1994 Pliable Building Membranes and Underlays, Part 2: Installation Requirements.

Emittance Bright Side: 0.03, Anti-glare Side: 0.05
Water Vapour Transmission (WVT): 1.4 g/m²•24hr
Vapour Resistance: 85.61 MN•s/g
Vapour Barrier Classification: Medium
Water Barrier Classification: High
Duty: Extra Heavy in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.1:1994