Trade Select™ WALL WRAP MD BREATHER is a 97% reflective foil wall wrap. Trade Select™ WALL WRAP MD BREATHER is recommended for use behind light weight cladding systems, allowing the building to breathe, to prevent the build up of trapped moisture between the cladding and foil.


  • The most cost effective breather wall wrap available on the Australian market
  • Vapour Retarder
  • 97% reflective: contributes to system thermal performance and energy efficiency
  • High strength, light weight
  • Effective barrier against wind, rain and dust
  • Pre-shrunk woven polymer: minimises shrinkage after installation
  • Suitable for use in bushfire prone areas


  • Designed for use as a wall wrap in all regions of Australia
  • Suitable for use behind light weight cladding systems

* Please check cladding manufacturer’s requirements before installation

Bushfire Attack Levels

For use in wall systems BAL – LOW to BAL – FZ to comply with AS 3959—2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas

The specification of permeance of building membranes depends on a number of factors including construction type, materials, climatic data and site-specific factors. Users are advised NOT to rely on Ametalin’s general guidance, but to seek advice from a qualified engineer based on actual design and site conditions.